Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Event: Sounding the Great Hall. 7-8 February 2015

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th Feb

23 artists exploring the acoustics of the Great Hall via an unusual 8-speaker system.
This event is continuous. The audience are free to come in and out, sit in the space, walk around the space, eat, drink and listen.


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12pm Tom Mudd
12:30 Nicholas Stuecklin (Varèse) *
1pm Matthew Baden-Powell
1:30 Ben Harper
2:15 Sandra Ka
3pm Phil Julian
3:45 Scott Bowley
4:30 John Macedo
5:15 John Wall
6pm Ingrid Plum
6:30 Roberto Crippa / Erik Nyström / Lee Fraser
7:15 Roberto Crippa / Erik Nyström / Lee Fraser
8pm Ian Stonehouse (Radigue) **
* diffusing 'Poème Électronique' by Edgard Varèse alongside his own work
** diffusing 'Jetsun Mila' by Éliane Radigue (84mins)


11:15 Steph Horak / Tom Richards
12pm Dávid Somló
12:45 Sam Hatchwell
1:30 Visa Kuoppala
2:15 TBC
3pm Charles Céleste Hutchins
3:45 Greg White
4:30 Francine Perry

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