Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Installation: The Nothing, Seeking Answers, presented by Call & Response. 4-5 December 2014

Call & Response presents the work of:

Elías Merino / Rian Treanor / Daniel del Rio


[ Three approaches to abstract computer-generated music ]

4th – 5th Dec 2014

Thursday 3-9pm (Rian Treanor 3-5pm, Daniel del Río 5-7pm, Elías Merino 7-9pm)

Friday 2-8pm (Rian Treanor 2-4pm, Elías Merino 4-6pm, Daniel del Río 6-8pm)

C&R space
Enclave, Unit 9
50 Resolution Way

The Nothing, Seeking Answers is a multifocal installation project created by Elías Merino, Daniel del Rio and Rian Treanor, based on a set of unanswered questions, conceptual reflections and hermeneutics about abstract com­puter music and algorithmic composition.

From these three independent reflections, it aims to find a meeting point, a dialogue or a conflict, converging in a single non-figuratio­nist container, the result of these three branches.

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