Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Lecture: The Language of Chance, Maria Chavez. 1 May 2014

The Language of Chance, Maria Chavez

Thursday 1 May, 6pm

Richard Hoggart Building 274

The Language of Chance lecture with sound artist, improviser and abstract turntablist Maria Chavez, focuses on the values and lessons derived from chance encounters, accidents and improvisation in her art practice. Using her book, Of Technique: Chance Procedures on Turntable as the focal point of this lecture, Chavez invites students to discuss serendipity, and accidents while learning about her unique approach to abstract turntablism and sound installation.

This lecture is linked to the OTO Projects and Electra weekend of events, Which 7? at Café Oto, 3rd and 4th of May. Goldsmiths students have been given a unique opportunity as part of this exciting collaboration to visit the studio of Kaffe Matthews, one of the Which 7? artists. To register for the studio tour which will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 4th May please email Lisa Busby - l.busby@gold.ac.uk



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