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Symposium: Transmission, Brainwave Visualisation and Sonification Art, February 4, April 22 2015

Transmission - Symposium on Brainwave Visualisation and Sonification Art
Bournemouth University and the Center for Digital Entertainment (CDE), United Kingdom
4th of February 2015 and 22nd of April 2015
Executive Business Centre Bournemouth 10:30-4:30
Space is limited, register now to avoid disappointment:

Artists from fields as diverse as performance, music composition and dance are opening routes to create new audiovisual forms via Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs). Transmission explores new strategies and existing avenues in the field of brainwave interpretation for arts and research. Bournemouth Media School, a centre for excellence in media production hosts a 2 day conference to debate synergies, current developments and future objectives on the intersection between art and technology.

Transmission brings together artists and researchers in the field of BCI visualisation and sonification, providing the opportunity to present ongoing projects, exchange ideas and to define the cornerstones of future developments. The Transmission Symposium offers a worldwide unique forum for an emerging network between arts and science.

The two day event will be held at Bournemouth University’s Executive Business Center on the 4th of February and the 22nd of April 2015.


Emili Ballaguer-Ballester - Computational Neuroscience Lab - established a Computational Neuroscience Lab at Bournemouth University. PHD at the Centre for Neural Systems (University of Plymouth, 2005-2008), developing models of auditory processing after a postdoc at the Bernstein Centre for Computational Neuroscience (University of Heidelberg). Current projects include models of top-down auditory processing, analyses of trial-to-trial variability and studies of the effect of catecholamines in frontal cortex dynamics.

Mick Grierson - Goldsmiths University - is programme leader for the Goldsmiths College Creative Computing Programme, the Goldsmiths Digital Arts Computing Programme, and Goldsmiths MAMFA in Computational Arts .Mick Grierson is founder member of the Goldsmiths Digital Studios Embodied Audiovisual Interaction Group (EAVI) and runs Goldsmiths Digital, and specialises in developing core technologies for the Creative Industries as well as the Director of the Daphne Oram Collection.

Luciana Hail - Artist in Residence Sussex University - is artist in residence  at The Department of Informatics at the University of Sussex - augmenting consciousness . The invention of the Electroencephalograph (EEG) for monitoring brainwaves, and its routine employment in medical diagnostics offers raw and quantifiable information about the brain. The combination of brainwave monitoring with the early adoption of stroboscopes in neuro-physiological research produced side effects – induced hallucinations named ‘Flicker’. Luciana Haill will give a historical overview, with examples of artistic outcomes, including one of her own – based on flicker with Neurofeedback techniques.

Tony Steffert - Neurofeedback Practitioner - specialises in qEEG/ERP’s and Neurofeedback in ADHD and Dyslexia, as well as in “Virtual Reality” to enhance Neurofeedback learning and creativity in Actors, Dancers and Musicians. Tony Steffert runs Neurofeedback and qEEG courses for professionals, is founder member of the Society of Applied Neuroscience, and researcher for the Arts Dyslexia Trust, whose aim is “To promote greater understanding and appreciation of minds usually labelled as dyslexic.”

Art presented by:

Analema Group:

Analema Group is an art group of artists, researchers, programmers, sound designers. Analema Group acts as a single voice, on the principle of synergy, aiming to produce sonic and visual and spatial experience. At the moment Analema Group works on two projects “Kima” and “Transmission” with the core team of Evgenia Emets (Artistic Director), Oliver Gingrich (Producer) and Alain Renaud (Sound Designer).

Analema Group creates unique transformative experiences - exploring the relationships between sound, color, light, movement and form. Analema Group recently presented at Kinetica, Siggraph, EVA London.

Aiste Noreikaite
London based artists Aiste Noreikaite,wants to enhance self-awareness with her creation “The Experience Helmet.” The Experience Helmet is a device designed to work as a real-time interface between human mind and sound synthesis. By letting the user to hear how his own brain works, Experience Helmet is seeking to enhance self-awareness because all you hear is yourself. The information is received through an EEG sensor that reads user body’s natural bio-signals from the brain and outputs them as a power spectrum of alpha, beta, theta and delta waves along with Sense meters for attention and meditation.<>

Luciana Hail - Dreammachine

Registration is limited to 60 people - Register on

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